Fulikai is a professional wholesale slippers supplier and flip flop manufacturer in China since 2008.

PE Slippers

The soles of our pe slippers are made of PE material, which is cheaper than natural rubber material.

You can customize patterns and logos as well. The advantage of PE slippers is that they are affordable and suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

You can prepare such a pair of pe slippers when you go to the beach. The texture of the sole has an anti-skid effect. Fulikai slipper manufacturer has DIE CUT for your design. Sending us artwork so that we can manufacture pe slippers as you need them!

Durable Flip Flops: High-Quality Supplier for Lasting Comfort offers top-notch flip flops designed to provide long-lasting comfort. Our reliable and durable products ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience while walking, making them the perfect choice for any adventure.
The "Ultimate Comfort: PE Flip Flop" is the perfect footwear companion that ensures your feet experience unrivaled comfort. Designed with utmost care, these flip flops are a must-have for those seeking the ideal blend of support, style, and relaxation.
As a flip-flop manufacturer, we can use various materials for production, such as EVA, PE, rubber and so on. Our slippers are of high quality and exquisite workmanship, and the printing color is close to 95%. The main advantages of PE material are low price and durability. This slipper is suitable for traveling or wedding. All sizes and designs support customization. Our sampling time is about 7-10 days, fast delivery is also one of our advantages. If you have any customization requirements, please contact us.
Get ready to make a style statement this summer with our customized PE beach slippers! Personalize your footwear and step out in comfort and fashion on the sandy shores, expressing your unique summertime vibe.
Introducing our Comfy and Stylish PE Beach Flip Flops: The ideal footwear choice for beach lovers! These flip flops provide ultimate comfort and style, ensuring a perfect beach experience.
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