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EVA foam/EVA foam sheet/EVA sponge

 black eva foam roll,all kinds of eva foam roll are available here ,they can pass ROHS,REACH,EN71.

 Usefulness of EVA foam:

EVA foam has been used in various kinds of industry:

Shoe industry, Packaging, Sports equipment, heat insulating material, acoustic insulating material,Toy industry,Promotion and Gift industry, Fishery and boat industry,

Chemical Ingredient Chemical Amount (%)
Polyethylene(PE),EVA 68
Activator 5
Dicumil Peroxide 1
Azodicarbonamide 2
Filler(calcium carbonate) 18
Additive 3
Pigment 3

 EVA foam(Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) has a closed cell structure,it is environmentally friendly foam material.It can be used for laminate cloth and fabric or paper insole board,thermoforming,die cut or compress formed logos,screen printing,thermal transfer printing,vacuum form and glue coated.

  Advantages of EVA foam:

Good elasticity and compression,Insulation,Shakeproof,Heat and noise reduction,Light weight and chemical resistant,Antibacterial,Waterproof,Nontoxic,Bright and colorful colors,Suitable for a wide temperature range.

 EVA foam is available in:

Surface, as: smooth,perforated,scratchy or textured

Fire retardant,electrostatic prevention,or bulky cell structure.